Why We Love Co-working

Monday, March 19, 2018

VThree Architecture is a boutique firm primarily servicing Melbourne’s Bayside area, with a focus on residential architecture. Being boutique, our team here at VThree is quite small, so we don’t really fit a more traditional office space. In previous years we’ve worked from home and shared office spaces and studios. In 2018, VThree moved into Happy Spaces, a co-working space located in Hampton. We already love the convenience of the location, with easy access to Hampton Station, local shops and cafes, and the beach!

Research has shown that those who work out of a co-working space thrive more than their traditional office counterparts… but why?

A key aspect of co-working that we have really enjoyed is the community focus. Happy Spaces in particular is very community driven, hosting regular community events. We have also benefitted from connecting with other local professionals, discovering new products and services in our local community. Additionally, working from home can be isolating, especially as there can be weeks where there is minimal ‘out of office’ time, having a diverse collection of ‘co-workers’ adds a social element to work that many boutiques and freelancers often miss out on when working from home or a nondescript office space.

One of the perks of co-working is that you experience the flexibility and autonomy that freelancers/self employed professionals enjoy, with the structure and discipline of an office environment. At VThree, this allows us to be flexible with client meetings and site visits, but also allows access to a work environment where we can focus on plans and paperwork without the distractions that come with working from home.

We’re really happy with our new co-working environment; it allows us to produce our best work for clients, be active members of our local community, and, most importantly, stay inspired!