Why Local?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why local? 

When searching for an architect, where do you start and how do you decide who to go with? 

At VThree we strongly believe that being local is important when choosing your design team! Why you ask?

  • We know the local character and style in your area because it is also our area. 

Each suburb has a particular style which we are familiar with and we can help your project reach its full potential while still being sympathetic to the neighbour character.   

  • We are familiar with the local council’s rules and regulations. 

Having had many dealings with the local council we know the specific rules that must be adhered to and we also know those that can be bent! By designing this way, we eliminate extra time spent on re-designing in the initial stages which ultimately makes for a much smoother process overall! 

  • We know and can recommend local suppliers and builders 

By being local, we have established long standing relationships with other local professionals (builders, electricians and landscapers) as well as suppliers that we can call on to assist with your project. We love supporting other local companies and in turn they support us!