VThree Loves Breeze Blocks

Friday, April 13, 2018

Ah, the humble breeze block. For many, it evokes fond memories of younger years, for others it is a tacky, overused material of the past. Regardless of your preconceived ideas, it’s time to throw them out and start fresh! Synonymous with Palm Springs/Mid-Century style architecture, which is also resurfacing, breeze blocks are making an iconic comeback.

Here at VThree, we love the versatility of the breeze block – interior or exterior, they can be used for a partition, shaded walkway, feature wall, pool fence, the list goes on! You’ll see them popping up on our Pinterest almost daily, we just can’t get enough…

Our personal favourite, though, would have to be the feature wall. Whether you incorporate them into a staircase, line an interior wall, feature them in an outdoor entertaining or pool area, or simply use them as a fence, breeze blocks add depth and interest to any space, and make a striking, yet subtle, feature wall.

Especially with the warmer weather lingering, we’re struggling to come to terms with summer’s eventual departure, and breezeblocks are the perfect material to incorporate a little reminiscence of warmer days outdoors, by the pool, no matter the weather.

Thinking of incorporating breeze blocks into your next project? We’d love to work with you! Get in touch via the Contact section on our website.