Vision, Detail and Professional

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Recently I have decided to take a new approach to my business and focus more on understanding the design process from my client’s point of view. This has been aided by undertaking my own renovations on my home, giving me a deeper insight into the challenges that my client’s face. I understand that building or renovating your home can be a very daunting, and a large financial commitment, so I have decided to simplify my offerings to make the whole process less overwhelming!

  1. The Vision Package will allow us to talk about your ideas and inspirations through a client meeting. From this I will make floorplans, mood boards and 3D models so your dream can begin to come to life.
  2. Following on from the Vision Package we have the Detail Package. This allows us to get down to the nitty gritty of your designs and to put it all into action. This package includes scale drawings, sample boards and elevations, along with preparation for permits as required. 
  3. Finally, the Professional Package. Building your own home can come with a lot of stress and pressure, however with the Professional Package I will work with you every step of the way, up until the day you move in. This package will ensure that your home becomes your own little piece of paradise, and that you feel more at ease throughout the whole process.

If you are looking to renovate or build a new home without stress, get in contact with me today so we can work towards building your luxurious new home!