Builder or Architect

Monday, November 21, 2016

Builder or Architect?

Are you considering renovating, building or extending and not sure whether to seek out a builder or Architect first?

I get many referrals though my builder’s contacts, with clients who would like an indication of construction cost before any plans or drawings have been undertaken and my comment is usually, ‘how long is a piece of string?!’

I believe that it is important to include an architect in your initial plans and brain storming stage. As an architect, it is my job to:

- Narrow down the client’s brief,

- Assess the site constraints

- Get a better understanding of the budget.

With these three key elements in place, plans can be drawn up which can then be presented to a builder to receive their feedback. Without these initial steps in the process, it can be almost impossible for a builder to give an indication of cost.

Not only can working with an architect in the first stages help with budget and practicality, working together at the initial stages of a project can be very beneficial in terms of the creative and problem solving process too.

So when considering whom to contact first with your project, be sure to seek out an architect first, to ensure the project is designed within the budget.